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Tag: diagnosis

Salt Substitute For Healthy

Salt Substitute For Healthy – Let’s talk about salt one day. What mistress does without it? Is everything safe? Now many people think about their health. And that’s fine. Limiting the intake of salt is one of the simplest steps to health. After all, all this is postponed in our joints, then we wonder why we have such problems. …

Torus Palatinus : Causes, Sysmptoms, and Treatment

Torus palatinus comes from Latin word, which is the “Torus” and “Palatinus”. If you check this word meaning on a Latin-English dictionary, you’ll find the “Torus” as bull, lump, or stand out. “Palatinus” itself can be translated to the palate. The palate is an important part of the mouth that split the nasal cavity from the oral cavity and located in the midline of …