Sulfur Burps: About, Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

If you had a pound for every person who has been "cured" two or more times of his ulcers, you would be a wealthy person - probably with ulcers. For some reason, totally unknown to me, ulcers are considered an ailment of the wealthy. (Probably by the same people who think money brings happiness.) Again, if you had a pound for all the low and moderate income people who suffer from ulcers, you would be able to balance the national budget. Ulcers will live on any income. Obviously those who claim to have been "cured" several times of their ulcers are really saying that the pains have been alleviated momentarily. But this is no cure. The disease cannot be cured until the cause is known and treated. Rarely is the cause of ulcers treated, but rather the effect; that hole in the stomach called an ulcer is doused with milk, cheese, drugs, etc., and then permitted to gouge itself out and start the same painful symptoms all over again. People who never worry do not have ulcers. People who have knowledge of what they are doing on earth and why they must do it, also rarely suffer from ulcers. Tense, worried, nervous and unhappy people are the prime target of stomach and duodenal ulcers. M. K. had suffered from duodenal ulcers for eight years. He had been "cured" of them five times - before a state of painful collapse. He left sanatorium ten days later without a trace of his ulcer. How? M. K. was placed upon a totally non-stimulating diet consisting almost totally of fruits and vegetables and their juices. In addition to this, the patient consumed four glasses of cabbage juice each day. (Raw cabbage sliced and reduced to juice by means of an electric liquefier.) M. K. did not respond to the use of citrus juices and these, oranges, grape-fruits, lemons and limes, were removed from the diet. Aside from these, however, the patient was able to consume all fruits and vegetables in liquid form or in the steamed manner in which all vegetables should be cooked. During the first five days steam (Turkish) baths were administered once a day and the full pack at night. A brisk cold-water rub was prescribed each morning. At the end of the first week, the steam baths and full packs were replaced with natural (hip) baths and stomach compresses on retiring for the night. These and only these were responsible for relieving M. K. of his ulcer within ten days. However, it is to his credit that the patient has since been able to maintain superb health. Only by finally returning to a state of complete harmony with nature, both physical and mental, was he able to overcome the root of this condition that had plagued him for eight long years. To this day, M. K. continues to drink two glasses of cabbage juice each day and he is convinced that this is largely responsible for his resistance to returning ulcers. There are millions hits on the internet search drive for Wellness - from mental to physical health. 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Burping are quite normal thing that happens to almost everybody everyday. Burps normally caused by excess air inside your stomach, whether it is because you swallow some air or other reason. The air inside will usually comes out from your mouth and it called burps.

When someone are eating or drinking too fast, they also have a high chance of burping, as well as drinking soda which has carbon dioxide and later it will leave the body as burps.

But sulfur burps are different with the normal one, since it smells bad and it may leave you embarrassed or make other people uncomfortable because of its bad smell. But luckily there are various ways to treat this sulfur burps, from changing your eating habit to getting some medication which you will find the full explanation on the next part of this article.

Sulfur burps happens when you eat sulfur-containing foods such as vegetables and other foods that can cause gas.  The foods makes your burps smells like the food that you ate but sometimes it may also smells like rotten eggs.

If you are experiencing the same thing, it is advised to quickly find the cause and get rid of it since sulfur burps can be very unpleasant especially around a lot of people, and here you can find everything you need to know about sulfur burps.

If you ever wonder about why does the sulfur burps smells so bad? Well, the answer is because hydrogen sulfide. If you happen you consume some foods which contains sulfur proteins, you have the chance to get sulfur burps or this hydrogen sulfide, that’s commonly smells like rotten eggs.

The burps are due to the sulfur that reducing microbes in your intestine and then digest the protein before then finally releasing the gas. Burping are very common especially for pregnant woman, because when the woman are pregnant then their digestive process slows down.

Normal burps or sulfur burps may be harmless, but take note that if the sulfur burps comes with diarrhea or even the feeling to vomit, you should call the doctor as soon as possible. Because it may be the sign of a more serious illness.

What Causes and The Symptoms of Sulfur Burps?


There are various causes to sulfur burps but this article will explain the common causes of this sulfur burps. Most of the cause are not dangerous for your health and the treatment necessary to get rid of it are pretty easy to do.

However, if you experience sulfur burps with other illness such as vomit, nausea or even diarrhea, then you should check your condition and visit the doctor as soon as you can. Because it is the indication that there is a more serious illness in your body.


The first cause of sulfur burps is infection in the gastrointestinal tract or commonly known as GIT area. This infection mainly caused by bacteria named Helicobacter pylori bacteria. This infection may also trigger gastric problems as well as heart-burn, and some people even get the bloating sensation in their upper abdomen.

Not only bacteria can caused this sulfur burps, there is also parasite called Giardia that can cause it. This parasite are commonly found inside the water bodies, and they stay inside your body for too long then they can also cause some other illness like ulcers, abdominal cramps, diarrhea and even lead to vomiting.

Both of this Helicobacter pylori bacteria and Giardia parasite infect humans body because of poor hygiene of their surroundings, oral-fecal transmission and even from raw water or untreated water.

But don’t be fooled, even the ‘good’ kind of bacteria like intestinal bacteria can also be the culprit for this sulfur burps. This could happen if the bacteria are over produced, and causes various problems like burps, farts, bloats and even diarrhea.

Beside bacteria and parasite, sulfur burps may caused by improper eating patterns. For example, consuming heavy protein meals with sugary food gives you a high chance of getting this sulfur burps. Because heavy protein meals will be inside the stomach and intestine longer, and it will form a big amount of hydrogen sulfide or H2S in the GIT area.

There’s a certain amount that the body can hold, and when it reach the maximum level, it will leave your body as burps and with rotten egg smell. Another reason that people are getting the sulfur burps may be because of medicine. If the medicine that they are consuming contain sulfur then it will trigger their body to let go of the H2S as burps.

Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth

Another condition that may cause sulfur burps is a condition known as Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth or for short SIBO. Don’t be fooled, even the ‘good’ kind of bacteria like this Intestinal Bacteria can also be the culprit for this sulfur burps.

This could happen if the bacteria are over produced, and causes various problems like burps, farts, bloats and even diarrhea. And people who has fructose malabsorption and also people who has lactose intolerance, has a higher chance to experience some problems because of that bacteria.

Not only that but someone who has Celiac or Crohn disease have the tendency to get a larger amount of bacteria, which causes this sulfur burps.

Empty colon can also be the cause of your sulfur burps, and this is because of the Irretable Bowel Syndrome or also known as IBS. But if this is indeed the case for you, then you don’t have to worried since the treatment is quite easy.

Having your gall bladder removed or if you experiencing some problem with your gall bladder, can also make burping a lot everyday.

Not only that, but even mental problem like stress and anxiety also lead you to burp a lot. The combination of being in stress condition and eating various sulfur-containing food, will give you a high chance to experience sulfur burps.

There are also various foods that may causes sulfur burps when you eat it around certain time in the day. If you want to avoid having sulfur burps, then you may want to take notes of there products that will trigger it, which is Onions, Tomatoes, Garlic, Sweet potatoes, Broccoli, Cabbage, soy, Whey protein, peas, beans and other high protein vegetables.

You should also avoid red meats, eggs, dairy products and canned foods. For the drink, you may want to reduce or avoid drinking cola, coffee and tea while being around a lot of people. Some other food you may want to avoid are bananas, cashew nuts and coconuts.

What’s the right treatment for sulfur burps?


The treatment for this sulfur burps problem depends on the cause itself, that is why it is important to understand  the cause of the sulfur burps first before find the right treatment.

There are actually various ways to treat sulfur burps, some of them that you can easily do at home for example are making changes around your eating habit. For the first step, you can try to eat slower and chew throughly. This way, the probability of you swallowing too much air will lessen.

You may also try to pay attention about how much you eat sulfur-containing food, if you ate too much then you may want to try to cut the amount down. Eating the right food is one of the most easy method for treating sulfur burps.

However, the result may varies from one person to the other, some people admit that it helps them to get rid of smelly burps but others said the opposite. To know which food that actually causes you to have sulfur burps, try to experiment by avoiding to consume one type of food at a time for around a week to find out which food is actually gives you the smelly burps.

Start with avoid consuming high sulfur foods like eggs and various dried fruits, dairy products and processed products that contains dairy products and various sugary sweet foods. When you already find which foods that will trigger the sulfur burps, then you can reduce or avoid to consume it.

To help relieve it, adding food that contains high fiber to your menu and drinking more water is a good thing to do everyday. Because fiber and water will help your digestive system to stay healthy by cleaning substance in your body which have the chance to create sulfides.

If you prefer warm beverage to drink, then the warm lemon water is a great choice as well to help treating sulfur burps. Mix warm water in a cup and then add lemon juice and a little bit of honey, then drink it in the morning.

The lemon juice and honey is not a particular ingredients which is great to treat sulfur burps, but the combination of those two is a great choice to act like a cleansing agent that will help remove all kind of toxins from your body system. And sulfides, which is a substance that may cause sulfur burps, include that cleansing process.

Baking soda also has the effects to reduce sulfur burps, it is capable of neutralizing the extensive gasses inside your stomach. Baking soda doesn’t have a good smell and it is because of the acid in it. To use this ingredient for your sulfur burps is easy, you only need to add 1 tablespoon of it in a warm water then drink it.

Pay attention that this drink is intended to make you burps instantly to force all of the sulfur gasses out of your stomach. If you are not familiar with the smell and nasty taste of the baking soda, you may feel like you want to vomit or will actually vomit, so make sure you are close to the toilet when you use this method. If this method works well on you, then you will be able to get rid of rotten egg burps in just a few minutes.

Another way you can find out about your sulfur burps is that to check your teeths, and find if there are some holes or problems with them. If you do find a problem then it is advised that you visit the doctor as soon as you can before the problem gets worst and your breath gets more smelly.

You may also keep your mouthwash close and rinse your mouth after you eat your meals.

Another way you can find treatment for sulfur burps is to find medical solution for it. If you think that sulfur burps are getting on your way of doing your task everyday, or if you worried that it is actually a sign of something worst, then you should see a physician.

The physician will be able to diagnose your problem and the cause of it and you can get prescribe medication to get rid of that annoying problem. Since the cause may also because of some infections inside your body. The physician may prescribe some medicine like alpha-galactosidase, which is actually very helpful with digesting beans and vegetables process.

Or the physician may also give you simethicone, which is a medication to relieves bloating. Please be aware to not purchase medicine easily and don’t drink medicine if it is not prescribe by your doctor to avoid any unwanted side effects.

Sulfur burps may be unharmful, but it may happen at the wrong time and the wrong place which has the chance to ruin your day, especially when you are around a lot of people. It may cause uncomfortable feeling for you and the people around you from the foul eggs smell, but you can treat it with various ways that you find it suitable for you.

You can start by changing how you usually eat your meals or change your menu daily. And if you feel like it is not a normal burps, then you can go to see the doctors to make sure about the cause and if it is something more serious than burps or not. 

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