Scalloped Tongue Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

You know, it is important to care for the health of your own body. Many small health issues can lead to bigger illnesses after all. Having to care for any small issue will make you more self-aware of your own health. However, there is no need for you to be so worrywart about it.

Speaking about minor health issues, have you ever had scalloped tongue before? Whether you have ever had it or not, it won’t hurt to learn scalloped tongue causes, symptoms, and treatment. Let’s get down to it then.

What Scalloped Tongue Is to Be Aware Of

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When discussing certain health issue, it is always best to start from its definition, right? Well, we are sure that you should have been able to know it more or less.

Just as the name suggests, scalloped tongue is the wavy or rippled indentations along the sides of the tongue. It goes by various names, like wavy tongue, pie crust tongue, crenated tongue, or lingua indentata. They all refer to the same health issue nevertheless.

Just because your tongue becomes wavy, it does not necessarily feel hurt.

That is why this health issue is considered a minor one. Rarely, people feel the pain from the notches of that affected tongue. You will only feel uncomfortable at most. If you do feel the pain though, it might be caused by the underlying condition of the ripples.

Still, the lining side near the tongue is possible to look red or be sensitive to the touch, especially if you put quite an amount of pressure to it. While it might not sound dangerous at all, learning it will make us knowledgeable enough to the causes, signs, and treatment of wavy tongue.

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While there is no sign that leads it to serious health issues, scalloped tongue can indeed be accompanied with inflammations or burning sensation. It does become swollen, inflamed, and enlarged after all. Even though it is just a minor problem, it does not mean that you can just leave it alone.

We are sure that you are not going to keep it up since it must be quite uncomfortable. Also, it would be good to know why it can happen. That way, you might really be able to deal with the causes before the scalloped tongue happens.

What Causes the Scalloped Tongue to Happen


There are actually many possible causes of scalloped tongue, you see. Of course, you will need to know about them so that you can deal with them to prevent scalloped tongue from happening to you. The causes range from the simple to more serious ones.

You might never know that what you have been feeling is the cause of wavy tongue without learning about them, right? So, give us the chance to list them all out here. Then, we can see how the tongue can be scalloped to begin with.

  1. Dehydration

In this discussion of scalloped tongue causes, symptoms, and treatment, we will say clearly to you that dehydration can be the cause of this health problem. How can it be so? Well, it has been a common knowledge that dehydration can lead swelling to happen in your body.

To be exact, the swelling can happen in just any part of your body. As you might have guessed, it includes your tongue as well. So, don’t take dehydration lightly. To begin with, getting not enough water for your body can influence your health after all.

  1. Stress or Anxiety

Other cause of scalloped tongue would be stress of anxiety. Have you ever noticed? Whenever you feel stress or anxious, you will most likely have the habit of grinding your teeth or pressing your tongue against them. While it does not matter in a short period of time, it does in a long term.

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Over the time, your teeth will surely leave indentations and make what we call scalloped tongue. In fact, many oral symptoms are caused by high levels of stress or anxiety. That is why it might just be the cause behind that wavy tongue of yours.


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