Exploring Mornay Sauce Recipe: Original to Modern Taste

To enjoy new foods can be such a working solution to lift up your mood. New foods promise different experiences. In the other words, to taste new foods is just like to travel. The name of food can be same but the other factors including the sauce can be quite influential to lead you to another experience that you never imagine before.

For instance, Mornay sauce recipe seems to be strange to common people while to culinary enthusiast, it is not something new anymore. In fact, this sauce recipe is suitable to accompany many kinds of food, some of which can be your favorites.

It is such luck to know that Mornay sauce recipe is actually best to combine with your favorites. Here it is possible for you to continue loving your favorites. While common people eventually feel bored with their favorite foods, it is certainly beneficial to know the new touch that can keep you loving the foods.

With the new sensation, Mornay sauce is capable of heating up your mood to delicate your favorite foods again. In this case, some of you are probably still curious on what Mornay sauce is.

What is Mornay sauce recipe?


For those who have been familiar with béchamel sauce, Mornay sauce recipe must be familiar to you. In fact, Mornay sauce is just another béchamel sauce which is added with Parmesan cheese and Gruyere. This is why the sauce is merely associated with cheese sauce which is quite favorable to people adoring everything about cheese.

Here you probably imagine how unique the taste it is. Parmesan cheese and Gruyere with each of different sensation are added to enrich béchamel sauce which is quite popular with its classic taste. Everyone from different generations must be interested in enjoying this distinguished béchamel sauce.

Mornay sauce recipe that is originated in France is debatable in term of the name. One reference explained that it came from the name of two stylish men, Mornay and Charles. On the other hand, the other referred to the name of Governor of Saumur (1549-1623), Phillippe, duc de Mornay. However, the basic sauce of Mornay sauce, béchamel sauce had not been made yet.

Frequently people traditionally develop the sauce with cheddar and call it Macaroni and cheese. The other recipes that people commonly make with Mornay sauce are Oysters, Chicken, Cauliflower, Tuna, Marron, Crayfish, Scallop, Crab, and etc.

Indeed, Mornay sauce recipe is usually used to accompany vegetables, pasta, or eggs. Thus, it is reasonable that this recipe is suitable for board characters of people. For vegan, Mornay sauce can be their best bet to enjoy fresh vegetables. Moreover, as you are considered just to be a vegan recently, you need something that can keep your motivation to love consuming fresh vegetables and fruits.

There are many vegan recipes which are enriched with Mornay sauce. Hence, through a bit innovation such as Mornay sauce accompaniment, it is possible for you not to feel bored quickly and consistent to be a true vegan.

Meanwhile, for those who like eggs and pasta, you have to try Mornay sauce recipe. The nutritious foods such as eggs are certainly beneficial to your body in daily basis. Thus, once you should be brave to taste Mornay sauce which is something new to you.

Probably it is much better than the other sauces which you used to enjoy along with the eggs. Otherwise, in term of pasta, Mornay sauce is certainly attaining curiosity of everyone that really loves pasta. It is reasonable since pasta is about not only the pasta but also the sauce. Pasta with Mornay sauce seems to be a new variant that pasta lover may not miss.

Mornay sauce recipe in classic trend

Mornay sauce recipe in classic trend

Besides vegetables, pasta, and eggs, previously Mornay sauce recipe used to serve along with sea foods or chicken. The specific character of Mornay sauce is capable of reducing the fishy smell. The sauce even turns the ordinary sensation of enjoying sea foods into the unique taste.

In example, you can try sneaking the information regarding with Lobster Mornay which has been quite popular today. In addition, as Mornay sauce is also appropriate to enjoy with chicken, many people that love consuming chicken should also try this attractive combination.

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Instead, in classic tradition of some countries such as French and Italy, to include much butter, cheese, or something salty is relatively avoided. However, today’s people in both countries have seemed familiar with Mornay sauce recipe. There are many restaurants which have already served the menu with the accompaniment of this unique sauce.

You can invite your friends that also never taste the sauce before. It can be such an unforgettable experience or a moment as that is going to be your first time to taste the sauce along with your close person.

As you have already read a lot of information regarding with Mornay sauce recipe, it feels unfortunate if you are not willing to take the initiative to learn how to serve it. In this case, there have been many recipes that are quite popular to serve with Mornay sauce. The good news is that there are abundant references which highlight the steps how to serve some Mornay recipes on the internet.

You can just read the blogs or in case you need more interesting guide, you can watch the videos on Youtube. Thus, you do not need to feel worried about the lack of information. You even do not have any more reason not to try making recipes with Mornay sauce. Here it is definitely meaningful to master a lot of recipes so that you can serve various menus on the dining table.

Moreover, those are favorable menus which can be always such an impatient moment to wait for the menus ready. This can be another useful way to make your family members happy and maintain their mood after they deal with stressful jobs at the office or abundant tasks at the school.

There are some main ingredients which many people consider to best suit with Mornay sauce. Here you are lucky as you do not need to go anywhere searching for references that discuss those ingredients. The further explanation below is about to describe how you can possibly utilize those ingredients to taste delicious with the presence of the sauce.

By knowing some popular ingredients which you can use to get comprehended with that sauce, it is possible for you to serve Mornay sauce recipe for anyone with different preferences. In example, while some people are favorable to consume sea foods, your family members do not. This case can be absolutely confusing in case you do not know many of the references.

Cockle Chowder and Oyster Mornay

Cockle Chowder and Oyster Mornay

To serve this first recipe of Mornay sauce, you need to ensure that you source quality oysters. The oysters that are fresh and not dry can be considered to be your excellent choice. It is better for you to be careful as you hold the oysters whose shells possibly hurt your fingers.

For the useful tip, to utilize towel can be quite helpful to ease your work. Besides oysters, you need also prepare for the other ingredients such as butter, plain flour, milk, cheese, parsley, and the other supporting ingredients. In fact, as you find out more on other references in details, the ingredients can be varied and depended on the preference of the chefs.

Mornay Pie with Cauliflower, Mushroom, and Chicken

Mornay Pie with Cauliflower, Mushroom, and Chicken

It seems to be a healthy menu to serve. With the benefits of each main ingredient, it is quite worthy to know the cooking information including the other ingredients that can comprehend the main materials. In addition to chicken, mushroom, and cauliflower, in many references at least you can include cep powder, bacorlardons, flour, milk, butter, thyme, onions, garlic, pastry, and stilton.

Some of those comprehending ingredients such as milk and stilton are required in relatively much amount. As many people love eating out chicken foods, this Mornay pie is going to be quite lovable to them. Besides that, the presences of cauliflower can be a balancing ingredient that is necessary for your fiber daily consumption.

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Tuna Crepes with special Mornay sauce recipe

Tuna crepe

Cooking foods with Mornay sauce recipe does not always take much of your time. In this case, for modern people, it is quite rare to implement recipes that can take much time as every member of family requires quick serve. However, you certainly do not want to let your family members only to consume instant foods which are merely associated with less nutrition.

Suppose you are the ones that still feel confused on this issue, you need to read more references. In fact there are many instant recipes which still possibly offer abundant nutrition.

One of the nutritious-recipe ideas which you can consider is tuna crepes with extra Mornay sauce. It only takes 30 minutes in total time to complete this recipe. If you have already implemented for several times, it is possible for you to record better time. These tuna crepes have unique characteristics which are special to food lovers. On the outside, it feels crunchy while melted inside. You can just imagine how advantageous it is as you can serve this recipe for your family members.

The other supporting ingredients of this tuna crepes recipe are milk, plain flour, egg, butter, salt, onion, butter, garlic, milk, wine, chicken stock powder, dried tarragon, lemon, dill, pepper, and so forth. With rich number of ingredients, you can consider that this recipe can offer the food lovers unique experience on the first bite.

On the other hand, you need to really understand the steps so that you can be confident that your cooking can meet the expectation.

Scallop and Crab Mornay

Scallop and Crab Mornay

For some people, scallop has already been another source that once crossed on almost everyone’s tongue. The recipes that include scallop into the ingredients are growing in number. Some innovations on cooking scallop likely aim to suit to the local taste.

Likewise Scallop, Crab also seems to be an inevitable option once somebody wants to sea foods with main ingredients of crab. For both scallop and crab, there have been specific recipes for ages. Thus, once people hear that Mornay sauce recipe can enrich those two, they are certainly interested.

The ingredient that you should prepare besides scallop and crab is only butter. However, for the sauce, there are a lot of ingredients to shop. Those range from milk, onion, bay leaf, plain flour, butter, wine, mustard, cheese, cream, and chives. Further, bread, gruyere cheese, black pepper, and parsley are such perfect complement for the topping.

The soft texture of crab meat is well combined with the crunchy topping. Overall, you need to allocate your 30 minutes to accomplish this always waited menu.

Some of Mornay sauce recipe are certainly meaningful to enrich your references to prepare for what you are about to serve tonight’s dinner menu. It is such a special impression in case you can successfully satisfy family members with the delicious recipes above. That is going to be meaningful anyway.

It is reasonable since besides the delicious taste, your family members can absorb the required daily nutrition. Interestingly, all of the recipes do not spend much of your time. Thus, it is still possible for career woman to prepare for this menu in case you have already stored the ingredients in the refrigerator.

For the first trial, you can just comply with the instructions including the ingredients and the methods. Further, you should not be afraid to make an innovation. In example, you can add the favorable specific ingredients that your family members like much. In fact, the default taste of the recipes above is possibly not suitable with your local taste. Thus, it is wise for you to learn making an innovation on the recipe.

If you think that you need significant innovation, to spend your weekend by inventing the modified recipe can be quite useful. As the result, on the next weekend, it is possible for you to serve yummy dinner foods with Mornay sauce recipe.

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