Is pizza healthy for you? Fact about pizza

This is also prohibited as the doctor suggested for high blood pressure patient. It evolves more blood pressure for them; it also contains fat which is not recommended for cholesterol patient and others.

Many people concern for its negative health effect. Considerably, many people judge this food unhealthy by ingredients ‘quality, combination and soon.

High blood pressure, heath problem and cholesterol might be reasons why people judge this meal as unhealthy. However, as consumer, we can shift our judgment against this eating contrary.

In this case, previously we consider that this food has bad effect, but now, it should be changed that we have absolute control of our body, then, nobody but us can decide what best to eat.

Most pizza lovers consume pizza more than what is suggested by health department. Then, we couldn’t blame that sickness from this meal only.

Starting from now on, we understand how meal should be eaten. Many foods created by considering health effect after consumption. Frequent eating of this food will bring harm for those who shouldn’t eat this too much, but for those who can control their diet.

This pizza is absolute delicious for dinner with family and partner. This meal created in circle which means for arranging togetherness without any abundance in it.

Several slices also made this food shouldn’t be consumed alone. Bringing this pizza into office or family house will be more exciting.

After long consideration about the sparkling pizza, it’s delicious favored and material compounding this meal, do we ever consider that pizza now have been spread and consumed by people around the world.

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Some of the pizza lovers even create their own kind of pizza, creating its new material, making new toping from something unusual and many more.

It puts pizza into better fast food compared to other fast food. Even this pizza has its similar menu, and monthly event. Those events and similar menu created is sharping our thought that pizza is favorable and make so much excitement.

There is pizza month to showing this meal identity. This event can be symbol of pizza being the tradition of society. Starting in 1984 pizza has found its monthly event in Canada and United States. Although only some part of those countries but it means that they love this meal a lot.

Pizza was created by people in the city as celebration of this annual agenda. They slice pizza and share it together. Even they can make creativity in producing new pizza. There are many similar dishes like pizza, Indonesia has egg flavored egg contains many vegetables and fried on a hot oil.

Then other country has similar food so called calzone which is traditionally made in half moon shaped. This kind of pizza doesn’t grilled or fried but rolled and baked in folded appearance.

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