Is pizza healthy for you? Fact about pizza

If you had a pound for every person who has been "cured" two or more times of his ulcers, you would be a wealthy person - probably with ulcers. For some reason, totally unknown to me, ulcers are considered an ailment of the wealthy. (Probably by the same people who think money brings happiness.) Again, if you had a pound for all the low and moderate income people who suffer from ulcers, you would be able to balance the national budget. Ulcers will live on any income. Obviously those who claim to have been "cured" several times of their ulcers are really saying that the pains have been alleviated momentarily. But this is no cure. The disease cannot be cured until the cause is known and treated. Rarely is the cause of ulcers treated, but rather the effect; that hole in the stomach called an ulcer is doused with milk, cheese, drugs, etc., and then permitted to gouge itself out and start the same painful symptoms all over again. People who never worry do not have ulcers. People who have knowledge of what they are doing on earth and why they must do it, also rarely suffer from ulcers. Tense, worried, nervous and unhappy people are the prime target of stomach and duodenal ulcers. M. K. had suffered from duodenal ulcers for eight years. He had been "cured" of them five times - before a state of painful collapse. He left sanatorium ten days later without a trace of his ulcer. How? M. K. was placed upon a totally non-stimulating diet consisting almost totally of fruits and vegetables and their juices. In addition to this, the patient consumed four glasses of cabbage juice each day. (Raw cabbage sliced and reduced to juice by means of an electric liquefier.) M. K. did not respond to the use of citrus juices and these, oranges, grape-fruits, lemons and limes, were removed from the diet. Aside from these, however, the patient was able to consume all fruits and vegetables in liquid form or in the steamed manner in which all vegetables should be cooked. During the first five days steam (Turkish) baths were administered once a day and the full pack at night. A brisk cold-water rub was prescribed each morning. At the end of the first week, the steam baths and full packs were replaced with natural (hip) baths and stomach compresses on retiring for the night. These and only these were responsible for relieving M. K. of his ulcer within ten days. However, it is to his credit that the patient has since been able to maintain superb health. Only by finally returning to a state of complete harmony with nature, both physical and mental, was he able to overcome the root of this condition that had plagued him for eight long years. To this day, M. K. continues to drink two glasses of cabbage juice each day and he is convinced that this is largely responsible for his resistance to returning ulcers. There are millions hits on the internet search drive for Wellness - from mental to physical health. It takes quite a bit of research to find any one site that has so much to offer on all these fronts, let alone one that can combine all the needs for your innermost wellness - joy, bliss and beyond. For wellness' sake you can stop looking out there, and take some time for yourself, a sort of one-stop-shop: BalancedLifestyleWikipedia. Having good posture is an important part of remaining healthy. IT helps you avoid back pain and premature wear on your bones, improves lung performance, and much more. In this article, we will explain what good posture is before explaining the many benefits that it provides. What is good posture? Posture is the form that your body takes when you are sitting, standing, and laying down. Maintaining "good" posture is positioning your body so there is less strain placed upon your body's muscles and ligaments when in these positions. It requires your body to be as close to its natural shape as possible. So if you are sitting down, this would mean: Keeping your chin up and looking forward Keeping your shoulders back (not slouching) Bending your knees at a right angle Keeping your feet flat on the floor Keeping your back straight enough that all 3 natural curves of the spine are present. Sitting with good posture distributes weight more evenly across your muscle groups - helping you avoid neck, shoulder and back pain. It also allows you to comfortably work for longer periods and avoid some serious long-term health problems. Having a chair with lumbar support will help you maintain good back posture. What are the benefits of good posture? Protects your future health Having good posture will keep your joints correctly aligned, protecting the joint surfaces from abnormal wear-and-tear. By preventing this type of wear-and-tear, you can lower your risk of various illnesses including arthritis and postural hunchback. It makes it easier to breathe The diaphragm is a large muscle that is responsible for respiration. When the diaphragm moves, it changes how much pressure there is within the thorax - causing air to either enter or exit the lungs. Posture affects breathing because it changes how much room the diaphragm has to move. If you are slouched in a chair or while walking, the diaphragm cannot contract or expand as easily, preventing you from taking deep breaths. As soon as you correct your posture, you will immediately notice how much easier it is to breathe. This is a particularly useful benefit for anyone who has a health condition that affects their breathing. Can help prevent back pain Developing good posture can eliminate back pain caused by stressed muscles and poor joint alignment. It does so by actively reducing the strain placed on the muscles and joints by spreading weight across the entire body. This ensures that certain muscles or joints are not overworked or damaged. Over time, having good posture will even improve the alignment of your spine, which will improve the condition of your back and reduce the risk of back injuries. You will be less likely to suffer from herniated discs, muscle strains or other back problems. Improved physical performance Good posture requires the use of more muscle groups. Not only does this reduce the chances of straining a single muscle, it can lead to an improvement in overall physical performance. Having the ability to engage muscles more evenly will help you perform better during daily activities and any sports that you play. Strengthens the core If you have already made improvements to your sitting posture, you will have noticed that your abdominal muscles feel more engaged. Your abdominals will be "sharing the load" with your back muscles as they keep your torso stable. The more you improve your posture, the stronger your core will get, thus improving the alignment of your spine, reducing stress on your back muscles, and improving your mobility. Makes you look more attractive Have you ever seen an actor or actress on a talk show? Did you notice how impeccable his or her posture was? Actors and actresses concentrate on having good posture because they understand how much it affects their appearance. By sitting tall in their seat and keeping their chin up, they will look much more beautiful or handsome to the viewers at home. You will gain the same benefits as you improve your posture. Improved digestion of food Sitting or standing with good posture will ensure your internal organs are in their natural position. This makes it easier for the body to digest food and perform other important functions like maintaining good blood circulation. Can improve your mood Researchers from the University of San Francisco have discovered that having good posture can help improve a person's mood. They found that improved posture could also increase energy levels and reduce the risk of mental illnesses like depression. Improving your posture can deliver some amazing benefits to your health and lifestyle. If you are interested in developing good posture, talk to a chiropractor or general practitioner. You can also use online resources like NHS choices to learn more.

A rich tasted food, ready for order every time, high calories and multiple fat so called as a fast food meal pizza is a legendary menu for its lover. From all culinary industry we all know that pizza is never stop in showing and presenting a good way of serving.

Thousands menu with favorite selection is ready to satisfy people’s hunger. Surely pizza lover would follow the continuous growing menu from every counter in providing kinds of pizza in their storage.

Different kinds of pizza with various meals makes the taste is really delicious.

The next question is pizza healthy for you? Fact about pizza !!

Let us discuss about the pizza itself. This kind of meal is made in round shape; it will not be square, triangle or anything, just round. It is made with compilation of yeast dough. Surely this will be delicious and exciting.

It has tomato sauce and kinds of sauce if you want and cheese for the favored feeling in your tongue. Then the most important is topping, meal topping or fishes can be one of your favorite but too much of this ingredients can result bad for your health.

Therefore, please keep away too much pizza ingredient such as sauce which is really bad for you stomach. From now on, do you think that pizza gives you bad impact or this will harm you? Pizza provides nutrition from vegetables, purchased in cheap and available everywhere.

Then this is the most popular menu in the world. We don’t think anybody who doesn’t ever eat pizza.

There are many causes why pizza is really popular for society. First, this meal is considerably low prices. People can find this food cheap since many sources can made and find around society. There is no limit for resource for making pizza itself.

Let say meat, you would find it easily in the market. There will be no absence of meat in the pizza especial if you request for the vegetarian pizza.

We should learn and try to understand for drawback of consuming too much meat. Is pizza healthy for you? Fact about pizza

The next reason why pizza is favorable is that, easy to find, since this food allow people to get it nearby. We can find in the corner of street, in front of supermarket or the popular franchise nearby. Therefore, there is no reason we can’t get pizza if we are hungry.

The raw materials of this meal which can be found easily make this meal favorable to make and improved time by time. Many topping becomes people choice and favorite, but by the time passed, the other topping menu arrived and changes their habit.

Other reason to make people satisfy their hunger with pizza is the taste itself. Nobody hate this meal, almost people in Europe and Asia love this food a lot. They might call as people’s choice of food. Everybody can eat this food for this easy to consume.

ingredients of pizza

Ingredients of Pizza

The ingredient which is simple but flavored makes people want to eat this food again and again. The more you eat this, the more you curious and want to try. Nobody hates wheat flour, they love it as like they eat cake and baked cookies. This calorie also makes people feel satisfied after eat this pizza

However, do we ever think that eating this kind of fast food do not give us any impact that might danger our health. Surely eating too much will not good for us. In this case, almost all pizza forces us to consume too much calorie contained by this meal.

People will be easily contaminated by calorie and saving a lot of fat inside their belly. This is not suggested by doctor in any places, but this food still becomes a popular one. Actually we understand the impact of this food, since believe or not, many people say that this food contains harm for us. Let us discuss if what they say is right.

Healthy food or not healthy food can give us impact if we consume them without any consideration. No matter of this food quality, as long as we keep our body healthy and fulfilled with enough nutrition, we would not be harmed by this fast food menu so called pizza.

Many people nowadays consider food from its material and ingredient first in judging this food good or not. However, they should consider their health first.

Actually, this pizza would not bring harm for them, when we look up for this ingredient, material and the process of making this meal.

Many people wonder what part of pizza bringing harm for its lover, since all of pizza raw materials are obtained from the nature, surely it will not give any harm for us. However, some people nowadays are afraid of the sauce provided with pizza.

Some of them saying that pizza sauce are not that hygiene so; they can get stomachache after consuming the sauce. Actually if they make this sauce from the pureed tomatoes seasoned with variety of spices from the nature including garlic, marjoram, the fresh water, without any chemistry, people would be safe from this harm.

In this case, many of sauce industry do a wrong way to make sauce by adding harm material inside of cause and many else.

Maybe when it is observed and analyzed from the way pizza created. From the skillful and experienced chef, this legendary food is made. Every single material of pizza is prepared by the crafter, prepared just like how it will be served.

The raw material is drawn from the fresh and frozen portion meal and flour in piece or in a slice. Although the way to create such delicious pizza is unquestionable, but there is standardized way to make pizza better and simpler.

In order to overcome problem in which other material may be combined and make the taste down, pizza can be made in frozen and reheated without making it rigid. The ingredients and its raw material will be one and saturated into the best meal ever.

Pizza can be found in many places including in restaurant with this eatery standardized way of making. The chef considering about is pizza healthy for you? Fact about pizza found in restaurant is made of a baked cake with some special placed stone brick about three inches above the heat source.

This kind of placement would make pizza more delicious and tasty. They also might place it in an electric oven, simpler, faster and effective in time. However, for the expensive restaurant, they might apply something classy but better with wood coal brick oven.

Here, pizza placed in a slid with a long paddle. In this arrangement, pizza can be baked directly on the hot bricks and baked with such round metal for fitting its shape. Therefore, such different way in making pizza will decide how it affects your health.

Whenever you want to make pizza at home, as an individual chef, you may get a recipe from internet or follow your partner guide in making pizza. The home-made pizza it is simply baked on a pizza round aluminum or pizza stone with standard oven.

It will produce an effective heat for the pizza itself. There is another way in making pizza at home. Pizza can be healthy made whenever you understand the way in making it. The grilled pizza is baked directly with fire or oven can be easily made and healthy.

This way will be different with Chicago kind pizza or other country pizza.

Let us talk about the authenticity of pizza, since by knowing the way pizza firstly created it shows us the nature of this meal.

Basically made of tomatoes named san Maranon which is belonging to the volcanic plains in south of Vesuvius with combination of mozzarella di buffalo, this meal are made with milk of buffalo which is native of this country. They usually breed in marshland of Campania a Lazio.

This kind of material surely kept in clean and fresh daily, so for the healthy life, it is really supportive and do not contain any harm for your body. Classically the way of making pizza is influenced by the character of local people.  Baking is one of the ways making pizza more delicious for Italian.

healthy heart

Therefore, process of making pizza actually fulfills the cleanliness and health nutrition.

Then, people who consider pizza as a bad food, not deserve to be consumed surely pass the wrong conclusion, since pizza are created in a good and proper way. However, some problems appear recently as pizza created not only through the long production as the previous creator made it.

Some health promoters trying to decide bad effect of this great meal by conveying pizza to the fast food menu as the present chef already made it. This fast food menu is created in a fast, containing non healthy materials for its unbalanced ingredients.

Pizza as previously invented for healthy, rich of ingredients and flavored, nowadays treated as a fast-food non healthy food. Some of pizza made in a fast process can contain high salt, fat and energy. Surely this is not good for daily consumption.

This is also prohibited as the doctor suggested for high blood pressure patient. It evolves more blood pressure for them; it also contains fat which is not recommended for cholesterol patient and others.

Many people concern for its negative health effect. Considerably, many people judge this food unhealthy by ingredients ‘quality, combination and soon.

High blood pressure, heath problem and cholesterol might be reasons why people judge this meal as unhealthy. However, as consumer, we can shift our judgment against this eating contrary.

In this case, previously we consider that this food has bad effect, but now, it should be changed that we have absolute control of our body, then, nobody but us can decide what best to eat.

Most pizza lovers consume pizza more than what is suggested by health department. Then, we couldn’t blame that sickness from this meal only.

Starting from now on, we understand how meal should be eaten. Many foods created by considering health effect after consumption. Frequent eating of this food will bring harm for those who shouldn’t eat this too much, but for those who can control their diet.

This pizza is absolute delicious for dinner with family and partner. This meal created in circle which means for arranging togetherness without any abundance in it.

Several slices also made this food shouldn’t be consumed alone. Bringing this pizza into office or family house will be more exciting.

After long consideration about the sparkling pizza, it’s delicious favored and material compounding this meal, do we ever consider that pizza now have been spread and consumed by people around the world.

Some of the pizza lovers even create their own kind of pizza, creating its new material, making new toping from something unusual and many more.

It puts pizza into better fast food compared to other fast food. Even this pizza has its similar menu, and monthly event. Those events and similar menu created is sharping our thought that pizza is favorable and make so much excitement.

There is pizza month to showing this meal identity. This event can be symbol of pizza being the tradition of society. Starting in 1984 pizza has found its monthly event in Canada and United States. Although only some part of those countries but it means that they love this meal a lot.

Pizza was created by people in the city as celebration of this annual agenda. They slice pizza and share it together. Even they can make creativity in producing new pizza. There are many similar dishes like pizza, Indonesia has egg flavored egg contains many vegetables and fried on a hot oil.

Then other country has similar food so called calzone which is traditionally made in half moon shaped. This kind of pizza doesn’t grilled or fried but rolled and baked in folded appearance.

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