Importance of Consuming Healthy Low Sodium Cheese

There have been millions of people that love eating cheese. Thus, it is easy to find recipes that are made with cheese. In addition, the development of those recipes has led to various new menus. While many of you have already known about the specifically delicious taste of cheese, it seems that only few of you figure out that there are some kinds of cheese such as healthy low sodium cheese, which are certainly worthy to consume.

In fact, to consider that cheese is good to the body is likely only to be one of the reasons.

Cheese as limited ingredient

cheese limited ingredient

Up to now, many people in some countries still import cheese from the others as only few people still understand how to make it well. Thus, the consumption really hangs on the production in the other countries. There are some reasons why some people still insist to import the cheese from the foreign countries and do not commit to learn cheese production process.

One of them is that they worry that the result will be different as it is located in the different environment. Although some perceive that it is still possible to get the environment conditioned, it certainly requires many trials to eventually gain the result that is not far from the expectation. At least, the characteristics are not far distinguished from the reference.

However, regardless of whether the local can succeed in developing their own cheese, to import the cheese seems still required by now. While the number of demand is relatively high and the local still prepare for some trials, to import cheese is certainly inevitable.

In addition, it also still takes some periods to introduce the local cheese as surrounding people have already been familiar with the imported cheese. In this case, the development of local cheese is required to hold some leading characters from the references. Thus, it is expected that it will be well responded by the market.

Cheese as unique ingredient

It is not over to state that cheese is unique in characteristics. The taste which salty and most of the textures that softly melted on the tongue is difficult to find in another ingredient. In some recipes, in fact cheese has already been considered as a substitute ingredient due to the similar characteristics. In some cases, it is much simpler to include cheese into the recipe than add some ingredients.

As each place develops local cheese, for cheese lovers to taste kinds of cheese also means travel. Each of them certainly promises unique experience. The first bite on each cheese seems unforgettable. Here some of you probably then classify which of them can fit to your local tongue.

It is incredible in case your preference can meet with abundant kinds of cheese. Thus, as you go anywhere, you do not need a specific request as you can enjoy consuming any kind of cheese.

Cheese as mood booster

Instant mood boosters

For cheese addicts, the companion of cheese during your working hours can be quite helpful to boost your mood. Some of you probably can think realistic to keep focusing on your job until you realize that you are an ordinary human. Sometimes, you need something that can enhance your courage and it is possible to find the motivation from sort of cheese. This is why many people particularly women tend to have a meal while work on their tasks in front of computer.

Cheese as healthy ingredient

Beyond its unique characteristics, interestingly to consume cheese can make you healthier. Cheese contains zinc, phosphorus, calcium, riboflavin, B-12, vitamins A, and surprisingly abundance of protein. For those who consider themselves lacking of protein, to fulfill your required consumption, setting up your dining menus that contain cheese for some occasions can be meaningful.

healthy heart

As it contains plenty benefits for your body, to consume cheese in daily basis seems to be meaningful to you. Here it is much better suppose you can estimate how many calories the cheese contain. Hence, you can estimate how much you should consume cheese. In fact, different kinds of cheese seize distinguished number of calories.

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For instance, Parmigiano Reggiano contains 392 calories per 100 gram while Cottage Cheese only provides 103 calories per 100 gram. In this case, by knowing the specific stats of the contents, it is possible for you to keep healthy while keep loving cheese.

In fact, according to some references, it is not good to consume cheese in much amount. It is reasonable since cheese also contains high fat of which many people should be aware of. As long as you consume it in proper amount, it does not matter. Here for those who are sentimental with fat, you can consume cheese for rare occasions. As the result, you can avoid being addicted.

Choosing healthy cheese

It is such fortunate to know how to consume cheese in healthy manner. As there are abundant recipes that are enriched with cheese, it is important to be aware of how much cheese you can consume in daily basis. It is terrible suppose you have not realized about this issue. As you have been noticed before, in worst condition, you should be aware of the obesity due to fat overconsumption. For woman, it is something which always haunts them every time they enjoy having meals or eating something.

The good news is that some cheese enthusiasts have developed some kinds of cheese which is good to your healthy. Those also include kind of cheese that can anticipate you to over consume fat. Although people realize that we can estimate how much they should consume fat per day, if there is a simpler way to be healthy with cheese why not? Nowadays it is difficult to find those that are really aware of that notice.

In fact, although people have known about that, they still eat everything as they frequently forget it. However, if there are some recipes or kinds of cheese that have been developed to be healthy, that seems to be an easier option to the common people.

Low-Fat Cheese

cheese block

Natural cheese contains more fat than the cheese that people have already processed. Further, among kinds of processed cheese, there are some that are really good to your daily intake. These can be any brand of cheese that you can meet in mini or super market close to your house. You can notice the product information particularly on the content of fat. Typically, cheddar has 20-40 percent fat while skim milk contains 7 up to 15 percent fat.

For easier identification, usually harder texture of cheese also attains more amount of fat. Thus, now you should be aware of the hard textured cheese as it consequences more concern on your consumption. Before you get addicted with cheese, for some people, they even commit to avoid consuming the hard textured cheese with the simple reason that they are afraid of getting addicted.

However, the natural cheese promises more nutrients as well as more pure ingredients. In conclusion, natural cheese is good as long as you are the ones that are smart to handle your desire once you see cheese. Suppose you consider lacking of that concern, the low fat cheese is a proper option.

Low-Lactose Cheese

For some people, lactose seems to be avoided. Regarding with the cheese consumption, you should not feel worried. In fact, some kinds of cheese have lower percent lactose. For instance, it is recommended for you to consume cheeses such as feta made from goal or sheep milk. As some people are quite sentimental with lactose, it is not overact to look up every cheese product and figure out from which it is made from. It does not look too careful rather being a smart customer.

The second alternative which you can pick to avoid much consumption on lactose is to consider choosing aged cheeses. In details, after some periods lactose is converted to lactic acid which is much better for the lactose intolerant. The good news is that the aged cheeses frequently even contain higher calcium which is required to your body development before the old ages.

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In addition, there are many cheese products are classified into aged cheeses. Romano, Reggiano, Parmesan, Gruyere, Cheddar, and Asiago are among the aged cheeses which are quite popular today. For strategic option, it is possible for you to find one that is significantly low in lactose.

Healthy Low Sodium Cheese

Salt is included into one of the main ingredients of cheese. A nutrition expert at Healthy Eating Seattle Sutton, Rene Ficek says that salt includes eight percent into cheese in average. It is not without reasons. In fact, some functions such as preventing bacteria growing, texture control, taste enhancement, and moisture control are quite necessary in the process of making cheese.


Basically, salt is merely considered as a preservative that is natural and safe for foods. Commonly soft cheeses have lower sodium than the hard textured counterparts. Thus, it is important for you to realize that you should also control the sodium consumption.

Among your concern and worry about this issue, luckily many innovative people have already thought about this issue and successfully figured out the alternatives. There have been many cheese types or products that are claimed low sodium. Some popular examples such as cottage cheese, cream cheese, mozzarella, Emmental, Parmesan, and Wensleydale are identified to include into low sodium cheese category.

Here consumers can consider these references. In this case, it is still suggested to control your daily consumption. It is better for you to avoid consuming 400 mg cheese for one serve. You can compare them and pick the best one.

However, you may not just focus on one aspect to conclude your judgment whether this cheese product is best to you or not. Based on some aspects above such as low lactose, low fat, and low sodium, there you can find the strategic option. Instead, there are some of you probably should tend to pick a cheese product that is significantly less in one or two of those three aspects. The whole assessment can be more objective than you just see only one aspect.

Here you probably feel that it seems complicated to only immediately consume healthy low sodium cheese. In fact, you should understand some healthy facts and compare the cheese products that suit to you. For busy body, those instructions seem impossible to do. You can just imagine who can invest their time to just get around the racks in the supermarket to find the best bet for healthy cheese consumption.

Yes, it is possible but only few people can be aware of doing that. In this case, some recommended healthy cheese products are certainly beneficial to propose. You do not need to compare all cheese products that exist around you. These few references hopefully can be useful.


The characteristics of Feta are pure and soft as well as healthy. It is mainly sourced from goat and ewe milk so that for those who are lactose intolerant, Feta can be the solution. The quality feta does not taste much salty. For technical tip, you can soak the cheese in milk or cold water for few minutes to reduce the salty taste.

Italian Ricotta

Italian Ricotta contains five percent of fat and mostly sources from whey. Quality ricotta feels moist and firm with a bit grainy form. It tastes a bit sweet and turns people to feel classic cheese. People usually utilize fresh fruit spread, cracker, or bage as the companion.

Parmigiano Reggiano

Parmigiano Reggiano cheese

Many experts consider Parmigiano Reggiano includes into healthiest options of cheese in the world. This cheese seems intended to meet the demand on healthy cheese. It is a response to the worry of many people not to consume cheese. In fact, this kind of cheese sources from half skim milk.

It is good for those that run a diet program. With the relatively low fat content, Parmigiano is likely to be your best bet. Another significant fun fact is that it is averagely aged for three years. Hence, it is proper to comine with pasta, chicken, or salads by grating the cheese over.

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