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Easy & Healthy Garlic Butter Recipe With Variations At Home

Easy garlic butter recipe is not so hard to find today. Easy garlic butter just really needs butter, garlic, and a little extra flavor. The most amazing is when you can combine it with additional seasoning and materials. Wow, we are going to share important information and our secret in cooking a dish with garlic butter.

Well, now you can use various bioactive additives. Garlic on a full basis can be considered a real natural additive. What makes garlic special? What is the reason for the popularity of the product with such a sharp smell and sharp taste?

This wonderful seasoning is used with a variety of dishes. It is very useful for the body, improves digestion and stimulates appetite. Absolute majority of meat and vegetable dishes with this sharp product become more appetizing and richer. Very popular is garlic sauce.

The garlic itself is added at the very end, as during the heat treatment its properties are very quickly lost, even the smell changes and disappears.

Garlic Butter – Preparation of Products

To prepare the sauce you need sunflower or olive oil, preferably cold pressed. Garlic is cleaned and finely ground in a homogeneous with oil mass. You can use a blender or stupa. The sauce is left in a cold place to soak up the oil. Use it should be for 7-10 days, the preparation should be shaken daily. As additional ingredients, we can be use sour cream or sour-milk products, tomatoes, meat broth, fish, and much more.

Garlic Butter – The Best Recipes

Recipe 1: Garlic butter with tomato paste on broth

Garlic butter with tomato paste on broth

This is a wonderful recipe for a sauce for meat, noodles, dumplings, shish kebab, or a ready-made dish – dip it into breads and eat! Pungent taste for fans “hot”, with a bright tomato taste. Prepare broth and greens, tomato paste (not sauce) and go!

Ingredients: tomato paste (2 tablespoons), tomato (1 pc.), Broth (meat), black pepper, greens.

Cooking method

We’ll clean the garlic. One clove is postponed, and about half a head is crushed and fried in vegetable oil, then add 2 tablespoons of tomato paste. We shift the mixture into a salad bowl and dilute it with hot broth. With a tomato, peel the skin (scald it with boiling water and make cross-cuts). We cut into small cubes and put out in a frying pan. It is better to stretch them to softness with a crow. Mix, mix everything and add greens and chopped garlic cloves. Solim and pepper.

Recipe 2: Garlic butter with sour cream

Garlic butter with sour cream

Special and  popular one is garlic sauce in the East and Transcaucasia. As a basis, we use sour cream and lemon, although in the Caucasus it is prepared from suzma or matsoni – more acidic products, with a gentle-viscous consistency. You can try Katyk or Airan, but you will only get a one-time sauce, you can not store it.

Ingredients: sour cream (250 grams), garlic (2-3 cloves), lemon juice, greens – parsley, coriander, salt, ground pepper.

Cooking method

We cut finely greens, we clean garlic and we wipe it through a small grater. Sour cream mixed with garlic and add lemon juice, salt, pepper, greens. Dilute with boiled water to the consistency of kefir – the sauce is ready! It is served to many dishes – for example, to dolma or manti, it is very suitable for any meat.

Recipe 3: Garlic butter bread

Garlic butter bread

If you have stale bread, cook the garlic sauce according to the original recipe. Additionally, you need a lemon and garlic.

Ingredients: white loaf (1/2 pc.), Lemon, garlic, parsley, olive or vegetable oil (4 tablespoons), ground pepper, salt.

Cooking method

Preheat the oven beforehand to 200 degrees. Clean the garlic. We cut bread, rub with cloves of garlic and lightly pour with vegetable oil. Dry in a preheated oven and grind in a blender into small pieces. Garlic press with a knife or in a mortar. With the lemon cut the zest and finely chop the parsley.

Everything is mixed with bread crumbs. Salt and pepper and pour the remaining olive oil. Beat in a blender. Despite its simplicity, it is delicious in itself. They can fill salads and refresh the taste of stew or boiled meat.

Examples of dishes with Garlic Butter Sauce

Recipe 1: Chicken legs baked in garlic butter sauce

Chicken legs baked in garlic butter sauce

Such appetizing and juicy legs can only come in garlic sauce. You can take only a shin, fresh or freshly frozen.

Ingredients: chicken legs (5 pieces), cream (350 grams, 30%), mayonnaise (100-2150 grams), garlic (1 head), salt, seasoning – to taste.

Cooking method

Mix in a separate saucepan the ingredients of the sauce: sour cream, mayonnaise, cream and finely chopped garlic. Rinse chicken drumsticks under running water, pour in a bag for baking and close. If there is no confectionery sleeve – you can use a frying pan or brazier, just cover with foil. So the moisture does not evaporate too quickly.

In the package, make a few small holes from above, so that the steam comes out, and put in the oven. The oven at 200 degrees is approximately 40 to 60 minutes. After 10 minutes the apartment spreads a breathtaking garlic smell, you will look forward to the moment. When on the crock will turn out ruddy chicken legs, just floating in the sauce.

Recipe 2: Squid in garlic butter sauce

Squid in our country can be attributed to delicacies. They will be an excellent addition to the festive table at a family party or with invited guests. The main thing is not to digest them so that they do not become rigid. Well, clean them from the skin so that there is no bitterness left.

Ingredients: squid (500 grams), half a glass of white wine, cloves of garlic, a bunch of greens, salt, pepper, vegetable oil, greens.

Cooking method

Clean, wash, and cut the squid rings. In a frying pan, warm the oil and lightly fry the finely chopped garlic, add the squid, fry for about 5 minutes. Cut the greens finely, add to the squids along with the wine and spices. Extinguish three minutes. Serve hot.

Delicious Combination Dishes with Garlic Butter

Recipe 1: Spaghetti with shrimps and garlic butter

 Spaghetti with shrimps and garlic butter

Ingredients: 200 g spaghetti, 150 g shrimp, 3 tbsp. Garlic oil, 2 tbsp. Chopped parsley.

Cooking method: Brew spaghetti, drain and set aside. Take a large frying pan, warm garlic oil. When the oil is warm, put the shrimp and lightly fry (not too long, otherwise they will become stiff). Then pour the spaghetti into a frying pan and mix well. Cook another 3-5 minutes. Salt, pepper to taste, put on plates and sprinkle with parsley.

Recipe 2: Shrimps in garlic butter

Shrimps in garlic butter

Ingredients: 1 bunch of parsley, 1 chili, red, 24 large shrimps, 6 tablespoons Garlic oil.

Cooking method: Porridge wash, dry with a towel and roughly cut. Trim the tip of chili pepper, peel it. Pepper rinse, dry and cut into thin half rings. Peel the shrimp. Garlic oil to warm up in a frying pan, shortly to fry shrimps. Then shrimp the prawns and mix with parsley. Allow the oil to cool, then pour on top of the shrimp.

Recipe 3: Crispy potatoes in garlic butter

Crispy potatoes in garlic butter

Ingredients: 300 g of boiled potatoes, garlic oil, salt.

Cooking method: Oven to warm up to 240 degrees. Peel the potatoes and cut them along 5-10 mm thick. In a deep salad bowl mix garlic oil and salt, put the potatoes there and mix well. Baking tray with baking paper, lay out the potatoes (that each piece lay separately). Bake for about 20 minutes, until a bright golden crust is obtained. Serve potatoes hot. Great for vegetable and meat dishes.

Recipe 4: Spaghetti with garlic butter and feta

Spaghetti with garlic butter and feta

Ingredients: 2 pepperoni (spicy smoked sausage), 200 ml of garlic oil, 1 onion, 500 g of spaghetti, 160 g of feta, salt and pepper, parsley.

Cooking method: Spaghetti in a salt water, add 1 tablespoon water. Oil. When the spaghetti is almost ready, drain and set aside. Piece of feta (about 40 grams per 1 serving) crush with a fork on a plate. While preparing spaghetti, chop the peperoni in small circles, finely chop the onions. Heat garlic oil in a frying pan, add peperoni and onions. On a low heat, fry for about 10 minutes, add salt and lightly pepper. Spaghetti put on plates with feta (top), put spaghetti on peperoni and sprinkle with chopped parsley.

Special Garlic Butter Recipe – Focaccia with Garlic Butter Recipe

Focaccia with Garlic Butter Recipe

Well, we come to the special recipe now. Let’s welcome Focaccia which is was amazing, with a light scent of garlic and a very crispy crust. The amount of garlic is adjusted according to your taste. Enjoy your health! This special garlic butter recipe for Focaccia is perfect for children at breakfast, lunch, dinner, and an afternoon snack.

Wow, it is great, isn’t it? You can enjoy the real taste and delicious smell of garlic combine with additional ingredients to create tasty food while you can get health effects. Here are the detailed recipe of Focaccia with garlic butter.

Ingredients: vegetable oil (olive oil) – 70 ml, garlic – 4 heads, yeast (dry) – 3-4 g, water carbonated – 170 ml, wheat flour (white bread) – 270-300 g, 2 tsp of salt, 1 tsp of sugar, and also salt of sea for sprinkling.

Cooking method

The first step is chopping the garlic very finely. Then, heat oil in a frying pan, add garlic and fry until light golden (for 30-40 seconds). The most important thing is not to overcook the garlic. It is necessary to immediately remove from the fire oil, when garlic nachet to acquire a golden color. Strain through a sieve 50 ml of oil in a cup.

The remaining oil with garlic pour into another cup and cool. Grind the yeast with sugar, add a little water, stir and leave for 10 minutes for fermentation.

The next step is adding the rest of the water to the yeast, stir and, in parts sifting the flour, knead the elastic dough, knead for 5 minutes. Add the salt into the dough and, continuously mixing, add in portions 50 ml of butter with garlic. Carefully knead the dough for 10-15 minutes. I did the batch in the bureau.

After that, roll the dough into a bowl, put it in oiled dishes, cover with a film and let it come for an hour. Then, approached the dough to lay on the flour-poured work surface and hands to form a small rectangle. Fold the rectangle three times and then double again. Cover with a film and let it come for 20 minutes.

In this step, we need to divide the dough into 4 pieces and form small cakes. Preheat the oven to 240 ° C with the pan. Lubricate the paper for baking 1-2 tbsp. L. Vegetable oil, put on paper focacci. Lubricate each focaccia of garlic-stripped oil and sprinkle with large sea salt. Finally, put the focaccia in the oven, reduce the temperature to 220 C and bake for 10-12 minutes, until golden brown. Bon Appetit!!!

Garlic butter sauce – useful advice of experienced cooks

Delicious sauce for lovers of garlic, pasty or crumbly, is obtained from boiled and raw eggs. Add a little lemon juice and olive oil, stir and beat the boiled and raw yolks (2 pcs). The spiciness of the dish is controlled by the amount of garlic. Slabochesnichny egg sauce can simply be spread on bread, the more spicy is perfectly suited to meat and vegetables.

Well, easy garlic butter recipe is vary to combine with other materials. You can create other inspiring ideas to make delicious and tasty food in garlic butter. Those recipes above may help you to serve your family health and yummy dishes and snacks.

Hope this article can inspire you and let you try at home. Share your cooking result and let your family and friends taste them. Don’t forget follow the best steps above and make your cooking day more fun with combination garlic butter and favorite dishes.

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