Bacardi Cocktail Recipes

If you had a pound for every person who has been "cured" two or more times of his ulcers, you would be a wealthy person - probably with ulcers. For some reason, totally unknown to me, ulcers are considered an ailment of the wealthy. (Probably by the same people who think money brings happiness.) Again, if you had a pound for all the low and moderate income people who suffer from ulcers, you would be able to balance the national budget. Ulcers will live on any income. Obviously those who claim to have been "cured" several times of their ulcers are really saying that the pains have been alleviated momentarily. But this is no cure. The disease cannot be cured until the cause is known and treated. Rarely is the cause of ulcers treated, but rather the effect; that hole in the stomach called an ulcer is doused with milk, cheese, drugs, etc., and then permitted to gouge itself out and start the same painful symptoms all over again. People who never worry do not have ulcers. People who have knowledge of what they are doing on earth and why they must do it, also rarely suffer from ulcers. Tense, worried, nervous and unhappy people are the prime target of stomach and duodenal ulcers. M. K. had suffered from duodenal ulcers for eight years. He had been "cured" of them five times - before a state of painful collapse. He left sanatorium ten days later without a trace of his ulcer. How? M. K. was placed upon a totally non-stimulating diet consisting almost totally of fruits and vegetables and their juices. In addition to this, the patient consumed four glasses of cabbage juice each day. (Raw cabbage sliced and reduced to juice by means of an electric liquefier.) M. K. did not respond to the use of citrus juices and these, oranges, grape-fruits, lemons and limes, were removed from the diet. Aside from these, however, the patient was able to consume all fruits and vegetables in liquid form or in the steamed manner in which all vegetables should be cooked. 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It is common in community with the word of liquor. Liquor is a kind of alcohol beverage. It consists of ethanol that is produced from distilling ethanol from fermentation dry cereal. It is concentrated by distillation. In Indonesia, liquor is forbidden to drink, because of the alcohol content inside is misused.

So, that is why many police in Indonesia do alcohol patrol in some place where is become the center of alcohol party. But in western, alcohol is allowed to drink.

It is for heat the body because of the in western there are four seasons which one of them is winter. The alcohol content in liquor can increase the temperature of the body when the winter is coming.

There are many kinds of low alcohol beverage that common people call it liquor, but actually they are not included in liquor. For example, beer, palm wine, wine, and cider.

In North America and India, those kinds of beverage are differentiating with liquor. Those beverages ares lowest alcohol, so they cannot be called by liquor. All those kinds of drink in Indonesia considered as same as the alcohol drink.

Liquor has some benefits for body. It can make the body healthy, if drinking in the right portion which is not too much. Too much liquor can caused health problem, such as, organic mental problem which is make the person who drink liquor has a thinking function, feeling and attitude problem.

It makes a person unconscious, just like stray in slept. They don’t know what they say, and they don’t remember what they say during in influence of liquor. Too much liquor can caused the direct reaction to the neuron center, from the addictive character of alcohol in liquor.

The person in alcohol influenced prone to do bad attitude, such as come to grips, talk wildly, cannot think reality, make unbalanced social and unbalanced job. They get the change in the physiologic aspect and physiologic aspect. The physiologic aspects are uncontrolled walking, and they white eye become red.

The physiologic aspect is they become sensitive person, unconscious with what they talk about, and lose concentration.

In addition, the others health problem that is caused by alcohol is decrease the immune system of the body. It make virus easy to infect the body, such as HIV virus. People who alcohol addicted can feel some indication that is called as broken alcohol syndrome, they feel afraid to be separated from alcohol.

They will feel starving, the heart will beat so fast, feel worry about anything that they faced, and they always dreaming something irrational. Alcohol can cause many problems in red lane and digestion system. Part of the body that sensitive with alcohol is lever.

The person who drinks alcohol as a habit and the portion is over than the standard, it will be increase the fat in lever. As consequences, the lever will be work more than usual for decreasing over fat in lever. It is not only lever that can get problem from alcohol, but also brain also gets the effect from alcohol.

It make blood flow cannot work well; it will be fast than usual. As the consequences, the artery will be broken and caused death.


Besides the bad effect above, there are many advantages that we get if we drink liquor if we drink it in the right portion. There are six benefits that we get, they are:

  • Liquor is good for heart health. Consume liquor in right portion can decrease the risk of heart attack. The heart will be live strong and work well for long time.

The researcher prove that in consuming liquor in right portion will help the body to get the ideal weight and shape, decrease senile, and increase immune system. In addition, it can avoid ostheophorosist.

  • Liquor is rich of vitamin B. Liquor is containing of thiamin and riboflavin (kinds of vitamin B), also calc, magnesium, and selenium much more than wine and cider.

The researchers conclude that it is caused by the ingredients to make the liquor and the different way to make it. The compound in liquor can press the risk of Alzheimer and Parkinson. It has a function for anti oxidant and anti cancer.

  • Liquor is also good for kidney. May doctors provide their research based on liquor on website, they say this drink make the drinker metabolism high as they drink. It makes them feel relaxed and fresh. However, too much liquor they consume will increase their blood pressure that is surely bad for their kidney.

In this case, we can conclude that liquor affect good and bad thing for kidney. It is all depending on you who consume this. Even though it content of the carbonation drink, consume liquor routine can decrease the risk of gall stone.

  • Consume liquor take care of mouth health. Because of the high alcohol content around 23 – 33 percent, it has well anti bacterial quality. When use it as an alternative mouth wash, liquor can kill bacterial caused mouth odor, if we want to get some health, we can add pimento or mint leaf.
  • If we know the trick and the doses to drink liquor, it can help to prevent the lowering brain cognitive function. The researcher prove that a man who drink liquor until alcohol content in the blood is 0,75 percent can solve the creative problem fast than some man who didn’t drink liquor.
  • Liquor is good medicine to prevent from influenza. In the explanation above, consume liquor can improve the immune system, so it can prevent from influenza.

Especially for medicine created, this drink can be added and served together, for additional warmth for the patient. Usually, this drink can be used as metabolism when people need to warm their body.

There are many ways in getting liquor; we can do it at home or purchasing it in the eared store. In the nearby store, liquor usually purchased in several prices, depend on the quality.

However if you want to produce liquor, many website provide ways in making this metabolism drink. This product is nearly touch government regulation since when we’re wrong to produce it, it could be something danger.

Many kinds of liquor existed in the market. Your interest will decide what you drink. Here are kinds of liquor that might interest you: one, bourbon, this liquor is barrel produced in eastern countries, high quality might be the reasons of this absence here.

The other is American whisky, this metabolism drink a allow you to touch the sky for its absolute taste. It is more like tea in term of color. However the taste is surely different. Many packages make this liquor perfect in market. As a good consumer, you are pleased to chose the best of yours and taste it at home.

There are many kinds of brands liquor that famous in the world. One of the famous brands liquor is Bacardi. Bacardi Company is spread in many countries in the world, because of the good taste and it established almost 150 years ago until now it still become liquor that people love.

Bacardi is included in prestigious liquor in the world. So, that is why people in some bar always searching for this liquor to drink. In this year, Bacardi will celebrate the 150th anniversary of the company.

Most people use Bacardi for cocktail mix. Cocktail is a drink with mix of carbonate drink and some fruit inside.

Not only the liquor for the mix of cocktail, but people also searching for the good taste of cocktail. Because it is difficult to blend some liquor and carbonate drink with some fruit.

It needs some secrets Bacardi cocktail recipes to get the tasty taste of cocktail. The bartender should have amazing skills to make people impress with their mix cocktail. The secret of good taste of cocktail is by using the Bacardi liquor. If the cocktail doesn’t use Bacardi the taste is not tasty enough.

There are many kinds of liquor that Bacardi produce, and all of the liquor serves tasty liquor.

Bacardi recipe is easy to make whenever you got the right ingredients and procedures in making it. There are many professional chefs. Actually this drink only need special Bacardi light rum as many as a glass or less of it.

And then 1 oz lime juice and half tea spoon sugar syrup and a dash of grenadine syrup. Those material and ingredients are mixed together and then made into a glass of delicate cocktail. It can be shaking in half filled with ice cubes for additional taste of cocktail.

Shake several times by compounding all material and ingredients inside. Shake well until it rally mixed together and then, strain it into a cocktail glass for the delicious drink in the afternoon.

There are many kinds of Bacardi rum which can be combined and drink together. This enjoyable drink will make our day fresh and nice. The other menu with this Bacardi is that using the orange as the additional taste.

First try to fill and purr into the glass the ingredients such as Bacardi white rum, orange Curacao liqueur and lime juice. The measurement of those ingredients is free of yours. Then try to pour the Bacardi rum with orange Curacao and combined lime juice into a mid size of cocktail shaker with holder for easy shaking.

Then it has to be half-filled with ice cubes, as you want it. Then you can try for shaking it well, make sure it will be mixed well, and this ingredient will be strained into a cocktail glass which you have, and then serve.

Have you ever known the Bacardi with pina colada? This is the current trend for the Bacardi cocktail recipes in this year. Many people love this drink for their delicate friend partner.

This drink is combining of cola and lime for additional flavor. The way to make this drink is completely easy, with great taste; the way making it seems nothing. First, we have to prepare the ingredients called Bacardi white rum with special one shot, no more for clear taste but it is free for you as the collector taste.

Second two shots of coca cola will be better for this drink. And then two shots of roses lime juice, it makes the drink more precious. Make it in small stirring point and then purr into cocktail glass; you will get some taste in it. Additional ice will be better with crushed ice before you put in.

Then serve it, the most delicious drink will be yours.

Another perfect recipe for this Bacardi drink as the forest gum design made is that the combination of this cocktail with soda and strawberry, the taste will make you addicted in love and this beautiful color bring you for joy.

The ingredients needed are 2 cl Bacardi® white rum, it should be the best marker combined with 2 cl DeKuyper® Peachtree schnapps, and then a small pour of Sprite® soda to give a better bite, and then, for coloring and taste, please give the strawberries. It will give perfect color and taste.

Especially for you who seek such a joy in special romantic dinner. Two cubes of ice will give lots of fun during your drinking moment.

This rum is surely become the people choice. Many lovers provide their attachments of like and love for this kinds of alcohol. This definitely is flavored rum which stuff is amazingly created for the rum lovers. The drink is not full of sweet and coconut taste, as they said in their review.

The packaging of this drink which is nice makes this drink easy for environment. This genuine drink mixed the taste and flavor with many interesting stuff, even the cocktail can be managed through many things, especially coca cola, lemonade, strawberry and many more.

Then, why Bacardi Superior Rum becomes the first thing to be searched by the rum lover. This rum is a please to drink, when it mixed, it can barely tell every lovely taste is inside the cocktail. Try the Bacardi cocktail recipes, and then find your favorite flavor.

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